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Classically trained chefs that design nutritionally-balanced meals for actors, models, athletes, musicians, directors, and producers
Annabel Wray and Victoria Knight
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London, UK
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Annabel and Victoria are chefs to the stars. Together, they prepare nutritionally-balanced daily selections of delicious meals to actors, models, musicians, and athletes. Using the latest kitchen technology and the freshest, most thoughtfully-sourced ingredients, Hakuna Foods is able to provide tailored meals in line with clients’ fitness and health goals.

Victoria and Annabel have travelled the world to work with some of the most recognisable names in entertainment. From the Liwa Desert in Abu Dhabi to the bustling streets of Rome, Victoria and Annabel have revelled in the ability to cook on such lively and unique sets. They work directly on site to provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between whilst filming.

If an actor is bulking up for a role in a superhero movie, training for a high-intensity stunt role, getting ready for the red carpet, or simply wants to live a healthier lifestyle, Annabel and Victoria will work closely with nutritionists, personal trainers, and directors to meet these goals.

All ingredients are fresh, organic, ethically-sourced, and seasonal to keep things simple and delicious. Environmentally-friendly and compostable packaging is used whenever possible.

Every meal is designed for optimal wellbeing. This means incorporating nutrient-dense power foods, fermentations, wild herbs, activated nuts, wholegrains, organic fruit and vegetables, legumes, and modest intakes of meat and fish. Using a variety of textures, unique flavours, and colours, Annabel and Victoria dish up vibrantly elegant meals that can be eaten on the go, during hair and makeup, or between takes on set.

Thanks to positive referrals from former clients, Hakuna Foods continues to garner popularity with a variety of actors and famous producers in entertainment, including Disney, Warner Brothers, and Netflix.

“Our world revolves around food; we’re always thinking about it! Our clients are huge foodies, too, and that’s why they enjoy our style of cooking so much. We love to adapt their favourite classics by making them as nutritious as possible. Creating something even more delicious than the original is so much more rewarding!”.

Their continuing success is down to their passion for food, the very best seasonal ingredients and, most of all, their tried and true recipes!

“We started receiving a lot of requests for our recipes from our clients and would make little recipe packs of all their favourites after filming. This definitely got us thinking that there’s something more here!”

Inspired by these requests, Annabel and Victoria have decided to devote themselves to writing and developing full recipes in addition to their daily work on working on sets. Their recipes are continually featured on their blog and Instagram feed and they’re extremely excited to announce that they’ve begun work on a full Hakuna Foods book. It’s been their dream to properly spread the Hakuna philosophy and their passion for food. A book allows them to do exactly this!

The Hakuna Philosophy:

“The Hakuna philosophy is something we implement in our day-to-day lives. It’s an enjoyable, delicious, and a continuously exciting way to eat. We want to spread our foodie wisdom and show people that it’s easy and incredibly rewarding to take control of what you consume. Eating wholesome, nutritious, and unprocessed foods are truly the only ways to fuel your body and mind. Our goal is to share our tips, tricks, and a little science behind why this lifestyle change will make you look and feel like a million bucks.”


Hakuna’s goal is to align body and mind through good nutrition. They focus on foods that make you look and feel amazing. Good mood food is the focus of their menu development as it helps minimise stress levels both inside and out.


Hakuna takes great pride in continuously creating new and exciting dishes. In their spare time, they try the most unique food at restaurants around the world. These experiences inform their cooking, improve their skills, and inspire creativity.

THE 80/20 RULE.

Hakuna believes it’s essential to stay balanced. This principle is often referred to as the 80/20 Rule. In short, this rule dictates that everyone should take nutrition seriously 80% of the time and allow themselves to indulge 20% of the time. At the end of the day, overall happiness is key and this is only sustainable through balance.


Annabel Wray and Victoria Knight

Annabel Wray obtained a first class honours degree in Business and Management at the University of Exeter. Following this, she worked in London for three years at a large asset management company. Like many burgeoning entrepreneurs, she knew that the office life was not for her. She did know, however, that she was passionate about food and it became apparent that this was her calling.

Meanwhile, Victoria Knight started out in the fashion world at the London College of Fashion. To support her studies, she worked in London as a mortgage broker for a large firm and co-founded a letting agency in Norwich, her hometown.

Victoria’s life quickly changed from pattern cutting to office meetings and, like Annabel, she soon realised the office life was not for her either. Like Annabel, Victoria’s enthusiasm for great food lead her to pursue a career in the food industry. As luck would have it, both driven women happened to enrol at the prestigious Leiths School of Food and Wine in 2014.

“We were in the same class together, which is how we initially met. We became classically trained in a professional kitchen, undertook the same theory exams, and gained our WSET (Wine and Spirit) qualifications together. We worked side by side for a year in order to prepare for our new careers in the food industry”.

After graduation, Victoria and Annabel went their separate ways but found themselves continually crossing paths as chefs. In addition to enjoying the same foods and wines, their training at Leiths instilled within them the same ethos and vision.

As they began to cook for more and more high-profile clients, their interest in nutrition grew. Both women undertook additional training in nutrition to fully understand the science behind the ingredients they used in order to provide the best possible services for their clients.

Victoria and Annabel’s corporate backgrounds and exciting experiences working as chefs to the stars inspired them to found Hakuna in 2017. Drawing from their backgrounds in both business and the food industry, they were able to successfully combine their love of food and travel. While wearing so many hats at the same time is hard work, Victoria and Annabel love working together and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

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