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Grant Gyesky, Jarrett McGovern, Justin Weinstein, and Hudson Gaines-Ross
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RISE Brewing Co. brews nitro cold-brew coffee kegs and shelf stable cans for grocery stores, convenience stores, offices, bars/restaurants and cafes. RISE’s award-winning Flagship Original Black coffee is organic, non-GMO, non-dairy and zero calories (think a super light, refreshing stout beer meets iced coffee with a frothy head). An infusion of nitrogen gives RISE a distinctive roar when opened and a creamy cascade. To round out its portfolio of health-conscious and innovative drinks, the company introduced a citrus line that “tastes like tea, caffeinates like coffee,” and the world’s first USDA Certified Organic non-dairy and dairy canned lattes.

RISE’s current lineup includes:

Original Black: The flagship nitro is smooth, strong and frothy and pours out looking creamy, but there is no milk, sugar or chemicals.
Lemonade: The Arnold Palmer of coffee, this is bright and refreshing.
Blood Orange: This tea-like flavor is creamy, tangy and refreshingly smooth.
Oat Milk Latte: First of its kind, this nutty and rich latte is made with RISE’s organic oat milk.
Classic Latte: This clean and silky drink is a twist on the classic latte and made with organic skim milk without being overly decadent.
Mocha Latte: Also made with RISE’s organic oat milk, the mocha is chocolate-forward and velvety.

Some loyal RISE clients include:

Athletes (NY Yankees, NBA, ESPN, etc.)
Health nuts (Equinox, sweetgreen, Shadowbox, byChloe, etc.)
Progressive thinkers (Facebook, Palantir, McKinsey & Co., CAA, Apple, Lyft, AWAY, etc.)
Groceries (Whole Foods, Safeway, Key Foods, FreshDirect, Fairway, Eataly, etc.) … and many more!



Grant Gyesky, Jarrett McGovern, Justin Weinstein, and Hudson Gaines-Ross

We’re friends with one goal: make high-quality, great-tasting beverages with the freshest organic ingredients we can source.

We love coffee – the way it energizes us, makes us feel connected and fuels our minds. Tired of an average cup of joe, we began the search for something more. We started cold brewing in our New York City apartments.

After sampling beans, roasts and cold brewing methods from all over the world, we created a cold brew coffee that our friends and families loved. Then and now, we use organic coffee grown at high altitude in Peru’s Chanchamayo Valley, giving our cold brew its naturally sweet, bold and chocolate-y taste. But we didn’t stop there.

We started conditioning our cold brew with nitrogen. The nitrogen infusion perfectly complemented our cold brew by giving it a beautiful cascade, creamy head and refreshingly smooth finish.

And, that’s how RISE was born. Our Original Black nitro cold brew coffee was a game changer. We had to share it with the world, so we started by walking around New York City, sampling RISE with as many people as possible.

As soon as we started serving RISE on tap, people from all over started asking us for more. To keep up with demand, we moved our production facilities from our kitchens to a garage and on to to the brewery where we brew today.

We continue to brew RISE with the freshest organic ingredients we can source and always strive to create the best tasting beverages on the market.


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“Literally life changing. Nothing else like it…and nothing else compares. Seriously”

Kimberly Owens

“Watch out Starbucks, these guys are gonna bankrupt you….”

Hamilton W

“I’ve never had anything as smooth, balanced, and refreshing as RISE.”

David Harrell


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